Nitrogen Generation with exceptional reliability

The benefits of Plummer Compressors providing an on-site nitrogen generator are numerous, from no reliance on deliveries and the handling of heavy bottles, the elimination of delivery and hireage costs through to the substantial reduction in nitrogen costs.

Partnering with a leading European manufacturer of Nitrogen generation systems, Plummer Compressors create custom solutions to perfectly match your requirements and individual situation.

Key features of our Industrial Nitrogen Generator systems include:

  • Reliable and efficient PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) system
  • Premium quality Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) for efficient operation
  • Nitrogen pressure up to 9bar as standard
  • Purity to 99.999%
  • Flow rates from <1.0m3/h to >100m3/h
  • Reliable & robust SIEMENS PLC controller
  • ZIRCONIUM Oxygen sensor
  • Integrated Flowmeter continuous monitoring of consumption
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Premium quality components for reliable operation
  • Data-logging for analysis and monitoring (to flash drive)

In addition, we can further tailor solutions to offer:

  • Pressure booster up to 45bar
  • Dual purity configuration
  • Multiple systems for variable output

A typical installation is shown in our diagram below (fig. 8-10 are for higher pressure only).

Need further info on how a N2 generator can benefit your needs?

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