Advanced Pneumatic Solutions for the Greater Auckland with Plummer Compressors & Festo


Empowering Greater Auckland Industries with Premier Pneumatic Technologies


Welcome to the leading edge of industrial pneumatics, where Plummer Compressors’ local expertise in Auckland unites with Festo’s global innovation. Together, we’re dedicated to advancing Greater Auckland industries with our comprehensive pneumatic solutions.


Our Expertise – Your Advantage


Fittings and Tube: 

  • Premium-quality fittings and tubes designed for the rugged demands of Greater Auckland industries.
  • Key Features: Unmatched durability, versatile application, superior efficiency.


Compressed Air Preparation: 

  • State-of-the-art air preparation systems, ensuring your operations run with clean, efficient, and reliable compressed air.
  • Key Features: Optimal performance, reduced energy costs, prolonged equipment life.



  • A diverse range of precision-engineered valves, tailored for precise control in demanding industrial environments.
  • Key Features: Exceptional reliability, adaptable designs, cutting-edge technology.


Pneumatic Drives & Cylinders: 

  • Robust and adaptable drives and cylinders, built to meet the unique challenges of the North Island’s industrial sector.
  • Key Features: High precision, durable construction, application versatility.


Process Valves and Actuators: 

  • Advanced process valves and actuators for streamlined automation, enhancing efficiency across various industries.
  • Key Features: Unparalleled control, improved process efficiency, innovative designs.


Connect with the team at Plummer:

Festo New Zealand have realigned the way they do business by increasing their sales capacity, improving direct supply to customers from Australia and outsourcing their trade counter and local stock to their partners. We have strategically aligned with Festo in Auckland so that with our stock, trade counter, internal and external sales team as well as service technicians, we are able to provide leading service and expertise to the market.


These changes are in partnership with PSL Total Air (Christchurch) who are a long-standing official  Festo partner, also offering customers in-person service and direct stock availability. For more information on Festo’s offerings in New Zealand, visit their website at Festo New Zealand.


Connect with our Auckland-based Plummer Compressors team for a consultation tailored to your business needs.