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We supply KAESER’s range of industrial portable air compressors. Plummer Compressors offers an extensive range of mobile air compressors from just 0.8m3/min up to 27m3/min.

These are modified for different applications all around the world. Speak to us about your requirements and which portable air compressor will best suit your needs.

KAESER’s renowned MOBILAIR range of portable air compressors are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility in Coburg, Northern Bavaria. They are equipped with the very latest technology. The recently modernised portable air compressor plant produces powerful machines with advanced, fuel-saving motors and heavy-duty chassis in a wide range of models – from the smallest portable units to large compressors.

KAESER rotary screw compressor airends are equipped with energy-saving Sigma Profile rotors. By enhancing compressed air availability as well as fuel efficiency, users of Sigma-optimised portable air compressors will benefit from high increases in fuel savings. Components of the Sigma Profile mobile air compressor rotors are manufactured to the highest standards and their precision aligned roller-bearings ensure long service life with maximum reliability.

KAESER’s MOBILAIR portable air compressors are simple to operate, provide excellent component accessibility and are easy to maintain. Portable air compressors are powerhouses unfazed by the cold thanks to KAESER’s patented Anti-Frost Control, and feature automatic monitoring and shutdown. The smaller and more compact portable air compressors are maneuverable in traffic and on the building site, ensuring reliable performance wherever and whenever it is needed.

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KAESER has an extensive range of portable air compressor models which are modified for different applications all around the world. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Plummer Compressors will be happy to recommend a suitable model available within the NZ market to match your needs.

Featured Series: M13/15/17: 1.2 - 1.6m3/min (42 - 56cfm)

The smallest MOBILAIR compressors are more than capable of powering breakers, drills, saws, grinders, impact wrenches and even impact borers. KAESER’s 15-bar portable air compressor is the ideal choice for trenchless laying of glass fibre cables or for leakage tests.

Additionally, this mobile air compressor can be equipped with an external compressed air aftercooler for certain applications that may require cool and condensation-free compressed air.

kaeser m17 portable fibre air compressor - plummer compressors