Delivering quality compressed air piping systems

With over twenty years of installing compressed air piping systems for a wide range of applications, you can trust in Plummer Compressors. Providing a no-obligation service to review your application and requirements, we will determine the best solution for your needs.

Below you will find our preferred compressed air piping system as well as additional compressed air pipework in order to support consistency with your existing systems.

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Learn more about how Plummer Compressors provided Wilco Precast LTD with an effective solution for leaking underground air pipes at their South Auckland location.

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AIRCOM Aluminium Pipe and Fittings

Simple and fast to install, AIRCOM compressed air pipework are aesthetically designed with the following features:

  • High flow rate (strong but thin wall)
  • Low thermal expansion rate (minimal movement after install)
  • Easy to alter or adapt
  • Lightweight but rigid
  • Strong cast Aluminium fittings (not plastic)
  • Robust and safe
  • Low friction, smooth bore
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Food grade material
  • Wide range of pipe sizes
plummer compressor expert piping systems

MAXAIR PE100 Pipe and Fittings

Designed for compressed air with 2:1 safety factor, this product is simple and fast to install and includes the following features:

  • Low friction, smooth bore
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Wide range of pipe sizes
max air pipe systems - plummer compressors

We are also well-experienced in a range of other products:

  • SCHEDULE 40 (higher pressure – 40bar)