plummer compressors case study

Aluminium Pipe Installation

Project Description:

Wilco Precast LTD requested the services of Plummer Compressors to provide a solution for leaking underground air pipes at their South Auckland location. The site also required a major extension to the existing pipe system. This was to provide additional outlets in order to avoid safety issues from air hoses running across the floor at multiple points.

The solution to provide additional outlets on both the side wall of the factory, as well as running down the centre of the building, provided flexibility for production to be moved around the factory. This meant the client wouldn’t need to be concerned about having an air supply readily available.

The main challenges with the project were:

  • achieving a fast install to minimise production disruption
  • working at height (up to 9 metres above the ground)
  • working around the concrete moulds permanently fixed to the floor

The Plummer Compressors team met with Wilco Precast management to formulate a plan and a successful outcome. Specialist height equipment had to be sourced to allow the new AIRCOM pipe to be installed onto concrete beams 9 metres above the floor of the factory. Two 4-wheel drive rotating telescopic boom lifts were selected, and used in tandem to install the pipe. With only centimetres between the rows of moulds on the floor, the lifts had to be skilfully manoeuvred as well.

The project went very smoothly using the AIRCOM aluminium pipe system and the solutions offered by the team at Plummer Compressors. The client was very satisfied with the completed project, which was completed on time and within budget.


  • wilco precastWorking at height
  • Connection to existing pipework
  • Minimising disruption to production schedules
  • Weekend & after hours work
  • Tight spaces & limited access


  • Utilised EWP licensed personnel
  • Compatible with existing pipe
  • Agreed plan with owner and production managers
  • Use of specialty access equipment
  • Completion on time and on budget
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