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SXC: 2.2-5.5kW (0.34 - 0.8m³/min)

The SXC Series, ranging from 2.2 to 5.5 kW, is perfect for environments like workshops and manufacturing units where air demand is moderate. This series stands out for its compact design, integrating essential components such as an air receiver and a refrigerant dryer, making it a practical, plug-and-play option. Praised for its energy efficiency, the SXC Series is a significant upgrade from traditional piston compressors and embodies KAESER’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Made in Germany.


SX: 2.2-5.5kW (0.34 - 0.9m3/min)

The SX Series, with models ranging from 2.2 to 5.5 kW, is ideal for operations requiring lower volumes of compressed air. These compressors are designed for quiet, efficient operation, making them well-suited for noise-sensitive environments. The SX series, as part of KAESER’s lineup, represents a blend of performance and energy efficiency.

Kaeser sx rotary screw compressor - plummer compressor

SM: 5.5-9kW (0.9 - 1.5m3/min)

The brand new SMart screw compressor SM series represents the next-generation of compressors, offering improved output and efficiency for medium-sized operations.

Still retaining KAESER’s efficient and ultra-quiet SIGMA Profile airend, the new series is perfect for environments where noise is a concern and for applications requiring relatively small volumes of compressed air.

Kaeser SM13 Rotary Screw Compressor

SK: 11 & 15kW (2.0 - 2.5m3/min)

With significantly increased free air delivery, the new SK screw compressor models from KAESER offer outstanding efficiency and reliability.

Featuring increased air delivery, the SK series combines energy-saving Sigma Profile airends with the Sigma Control 2 compressor controller. It’s an excellent choice for workshops and industrial settings requiring dependable, high-performance air compression.

Kaeser sk22-sk25 aircenter air compressor - plummer compressors

ASK: 15-22kW (2.9-4.1m3/min)

Offering all the advantages of modern rotary screw compressor technology, the Ahe ASK series represents advanced technology and design in rotary screw compressors, offering significant energy savings. With up to 15% savings compared to conventional designs, these models are ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

True class leaders when it comes to impressive performance, the ASK rotary screw compressor range has been redesigned to deliver higher flow rates, enhancing performance efficiency.


kaeser ask40 rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors

ASD: 18.5-30kW (3.2-5.5m3/min)

The latest generation of ASD (ASD.4) series rotary screw compressors from KAESER provide premium efficiency solutions. Designed for multi-shift production environments, the ASD series stands out for its ease of maintenance and long lifespan.

These compressors provide class-leading energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective choice for demanding production settings.

kaeser asd60 rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors

BSD/CSD/CSDX: 30-90kW (5.65-13.7m3/min)

KAESER’s BSD, CSD and CSDX rotary screw compressor series comprise energy saving ideas in every component.

This series is designed with energy efficiency at the forefront, featuring large airends and Sigma Profile rotors. They cater to a wide range of compressed air demands with fluid-injected technology. Each model is equipped with an energy-saving 1:1 direct drive system and motors compliant with IE3 or IE4 standards. The series also boasts highly efficient cooling, enhancing overall performance.

kaeser bsd75 rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors
kaeser csdx140 sfc rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors

DSD/DSDX: 75 - 160kW (13.6 - 30.23/min)

The DSD & DSDX KAESER rotary screw compressor series represent the pinnacle of efficiency in KAESER’s air compressor lineup.

They are engineered with intelligent design solutions for enhanced operation and serviceability and are also known for their significant energy savings and operational advantages. The series is ideal for large-scale industrial applications requiring reliable, high-volume compressed air.

kaeser dsd202 rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors

ESD/FSD/HSD: Up to 500kW (83.4m3/min)

Plummer Compressors offer fixed speed and frequency controlled rotary screw compressor series from KAESER up to 500w.

The ESD, FSD, and HSD series offer a range of fixed speed and frequency-controlled options. They are designed for high-demand applications, showcasing KAESER’s commitment to efficiency and reliability. These models cater to extensive industrial needs with their high capacity and adaptability.

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Kaeser HSD650 Rotary Screw Compressor