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SX: 2.2-5.5kW (0.34 - 0.9m3/min)

Applications requiring smaller volumes of compressed air can take advantage of reliable, efficient and ultra-quiet production of quality compressed air better than ever before with KAESER’s re-designed SX screw compressor series.

Kaeser sx rotary screw compressor - plummer compressor

SM: 5.5-9kW (0.9 - 1.5m3/min)

The brand new, next-generation SMart screw compressor SM series has arrived – with further increased output and improved efficiency.

Still retaining KAESER’s efficient and ultra-quiet SIGMA Profile airend, the new series is perfect for applications requiring relatively small volumes of compressed air.

kaeser sm13 rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors

SK: 11 & 15kW (2.0 - 2.5m3/min)

With significantly increased free air delivery, the new SK screw compressor models from KAESER offer outstanding efficiency and reliability.

Featuring energy-saving “Sigma Profile” airend rotors and the internal “Sigma Control 2” compressor controller as standard, the KAESER screw compressor SK series are the perfect choice for workshops and industrial environments where performance must be guaranteed.

Kaeser sk22-sk25 aircenter air compressor - plummer compressors

ASK: 15-22kW (2.9-4.1m3/min)

Offering all the advantages of modern rotary screw compressor technology, the ASK screw compressor series from KAESER offer the very latest advances in performance and design. KAESER’s SIGMA profile rotors provide you with energy savings of up to 15 % compared with conventional rotor profile designs.

True class leaders when it comes to impressive performance, the ASK rotary screw compressor range have been re-designed to deliver up to 16% higher flow rates compared to previous models.

kaeser ask40 rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors

ASD: 18.5-30kW (3.2-5.5m3/min)

The latest generation of ASD (ASD.4) series rotary screw compressors from KAESER provide premium efficiency solutions which are particularly suited to multi-shift production.

Not only do these ASD rotary screw compressors deliver class-leading energy efficiency, they also combine ease of maintenance with very long lifespan – delivering substantial savings in a multiple shift environment.

kaeser asd60 rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors

BSD/CSD/CSDX: 30-90kW (5.65-13.7m3/min)

KAESER’s BSD, CSD and CSDX rotary screw compressor series comprise energy saving ideas in every component.

With large airends running at low speeds and rotors with the Sigma Profile, you can meet nearly any compressed air demand with these fluid-injected rotary screw compressors from Kaeser. All models are equipped with energy-saving 1:1 direct drive with no transmission losses, motors to the latest IE3 or even IE4
efficiency specifications, and highly efficient cooling.

kaeser bsd75 rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors
kaeser csdx140 sfc rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors

DSD/DSDX: 75 - 160kW (13.6 - 30.23/min)

The DSD & DSDX KAESER rotary screw compressor series are true champions, pushing the boundaries of compressed air efficiency.

Intelligent design solutions have lead to enhanced operation and serviceability, lending the DSD / DSDX KAESER screw compressor series to 4 key advantages that enable users to benefit from significant energy savings.

kaeser dsd202 rotary screw compressor - plummer compressors

ESD/FSD/HSD: Up to 500kW (83.4m3/min)

Plummer Compressors offer fixed speed and frequency controlled rotary screw compressor series from KAESER up to 500kW.

Please contact us to discuss which option would be best for your application.

Kaeser HSD650 Rotary Screw Compressor