With well over 50 years combined experience and access to modern resources our friendly service team can provide you with the right advice and services to suit your needs.

Compressor Installations  

From a single compressor to a multiple compressor station or air line reticulation systems we pride ourselves on providing a professional service and always striving to meet our customers requirements.

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 Air Line Installation

We recommend and install modern Polyethylene pipe and fittings for both new air reticulation systems and plant additions. We can provide design advice using computer based tools for both the MAXAIR system and for alternative systems up to 50 bar. From small modifications to large project work we can provide the best solution for your needs. 

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Preventative Maintenance

We aim to eliminate breakdowns and production down time by providing our customers with the best service possible. With our custom-designed service program we can tailor scheduling and services to suit each customer and ensure the equipment is maintained as required and on time. We carry and can source a wide range spare parts for both Kaeser and other brand compressors.

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Oil Analysis

By doing regular oil analysis we are able to detect such things as metal content in the oil - a sign of possible bearing failure. Oil oxidisation, viscosity, cleanliness - possible environmental issues. All of which allow us to make informed recommendations in regards to service intervals and compressor installation environment.



24 Hour Support

Just dial our regular phone number 09 2743550 24/7 and we will have a technician available for break-down assistance, including our extensive range of stand-by compressors to promptly restore your production facilities.


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We have more than 20 years experience providing industrial compressed air solutions and support to NZ industry.  We pride ourselves on acting with integrity and treating every customer as though they were our only customer.
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