SX 1

SX: 2.2-5.5kW (0.34 - 0.9m3/min)

Applications requiring smaller volumes of compressed air can take advantage of reliable, efficient and ultra-quiet production of quality compressed air better than ever before with KAESER’s redesigned SX & SM series.

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SM: 5.5-9kW (0.9 - 1.5m3/min)

The next generation SM series have arrived - with increased output and improved efficiency!
Applications requiring relatively small volumes of compressed air may suit the most popular smaller SM models which feature a very reliable, efficient and ultra-quiet design from KAESER Compressors.

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SK Series Screw Compressor

SK: 11 & 15kW (2.0 - 2.5m3/min)

The new SK models from KAESER offer outstanding efficiency and reliability.  They are the perfect choice for workshops and industrial environments where performance must be assured.

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  ASK Screw Compressor-226

ASK: 15-22kW (2.9-4.1m3/min)

Each ASK compressor represents the very latest advances in performance and design. This recently redesigned range offers all the advantages of modern rotary screw compressor technology; every unit uses a flow optimised “Sigma Profile” airend and a IE3 motor to guarantee excellent specific power with high energy efficiency.

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ASD SFC-150-759

ASD: 18.5-30kW (3.2-5.5m3/min)

At the heart of every ASD compressor is an airend with flow-optimised SIGMA PROFILE rotors. The D in ASD signifies an energy-efficient 1:1 direct drive, which means that the airend and the drive motor are directly coupled and run at the same speed. The drive power is transmitted from the motor to the airend without the losses incurred by gears or drive belts.
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BSD/CSD/CSDX: 30-90kW (5.65-13.7m3/min)

Kaeser’s BSD, CSD and CSDX compressors are real energy-savers in their own right. This is ensured with large airends running at low speeds, rotors with the Sigma Profile, 1:1 drive with no transmission losses, motors to the latest IE3 or even IE4 efficiency specifications, and highly efficient cooling.

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 DSD: 75-132kW (13.6-23.8m3/min)

DSDX: 132-160kW (24.1-30.2m3/min)

The DSD & DSDX series rotary screw compressors from Kaeser Compressors are true Champions - fit for the "Efficiency Olympics".
The DSD’s versatile design has 4 key advantages that enable users to benefit from significant energy savings.
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 ESD/FSD/HSD: Up to 500kW (83.4m3/min)

KAESER Compressors offers fixed speed and frequency controlled compressors up to 500kW.  Please contact us to discuss which option would be best for your application.
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