Nitrogen generation has been in existence for decades and those companies that have made the decision to go down this path often comment -

"I wish I had done it sooner!"

The benefits from on-premise generation of Nitrogen are numerous: -

  • No more reliance on deliveries of bottles or liquid

  • Elimination of Health and Safety issues relating to handling of heavy bottles

  • Elimination of delivery and hireage costs

  • Substantial reduction of Nitrogen costs - payback within two years is not uncommon

We have partnered with a leading European manufacturer of Nitrogen generations systems to create custom solutions to perfectly match each situation.  Key features of our Nitrogen systems are: -
  • Reliable and efficient PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) system
  • Premium quality Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) for efficient operation
  • Nitrogen pressure up to 9bar as standard
  • Purity to 99.999%
  • Flow rates from <1.0m3/h to >100m3/h
  • Reliable & robust SIEMENS PLC controller
  • ZIRCONIUM Oxygen sensor
  • Integrated Flowmeter continuous monitoring of consumption
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Premium quality components for reliable operation
  • Data-logging for analysis and monitoring (to flash drive)

In addition, we can further tailor solutions to offer the following: -
  • Pressure booster up to 45bar
  • Dual purity configuration
  • Multiple systems for variable output

A typical installation is shown below (items 8-10 for higher pressure only).

Nitrogen Generation Typical Installation


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